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Rated J Forever

Oct 24, 2019

New Intro Song. RUDE INTRODUCTION! YES! I am back. This is a direct link from me to you.  This time it isn't about being heard, it is about being discovered.  There are levels to this.  If you are reading this then you are beyond the first level.  Level one was reading a silly article about Justin Bieber fighting Hitler..... AGAIN!

Anyways.. I almost get sad on this one before I immediately PUSH those feelings down with a reference to The Philosopher Kings before quickly explaining how to "stay tuned" to The Jaded Gamer now-a-days. 

MAIN EVENT: I tell a story about a certain developer accusing me of stealing their property.  

www.TakeThis.Org - Support for gamers needing mental wellness guidance

Canada - Click "Getting Help" for provincial listing 

USA - State by state listing of shelters - Click for quick link to "get help"